Over the past 12 months Wildplanet researched which are the best solar panel available for 4 x 4 off road use.
The SunPower “ C 60 “ technology was the “ stand out “ product.

The Wildplanet 200 Watt solar panel were specifically manufactured for Wildplanet.


200 watt C 60 Solar cell.
Dimensions 805 mm X 1430 mm  X 2 mm
Up to !0% increase in light capture du to its all black surface.
2 mm thick .
Less than 2 kilos in weight per 200 Watt panel.
Flexible .
Standard compatible connectors.
Highly efficient 22.5% mono crystalline solar cells.
Excellent performance in low light and high temperature.
Will still perform if subjected to hairline cracking.
Captures more light from across the light spectrum.





Wildplanet can supply these solar panels. Home builders and trade enquires welcomed.
Click here for more info about SunPower C60 Solar Cell